The charts show how much a UK school spent on different running cost in three seperate years: 1981, 1991 and 2001.

In all three years, the greatest expenditure was on staff salaries. But while other workers' salaries saw a fall from 28% in 1981 to only 15% of spending in 2001, teachers pay remained the biggest cost, reaching 50% of total spending in 1991 and ending at 45% in 2001.

Expenditure on resources such as books had increased to 20% by 1991 before decreasing to only 9% by the end of the period. In contrast, the cost of furniture and equipment saw an oppositetrend. This cost decreased to only 5% of total expenditure in 1991 but rose dramatically in 2001 when it represented 23% of the school budget. Similarly, the cost of insurance saw a rising trend, growing from only 2% to 8% by 2001.

Overall, teachers' salaries constituted the largest cost to the school, and while spending increased dramatically for equipment and insurance, there were corresponding drops in expenditure on things such as books and on other workers' salaries.

"Mental Attitude" Sample passage

How important is the patient's mental attitude towards his/her treatment in determining the effectiveness of the treatment?


No matter what kind of medical treatment a patient chooses, it is the patient’s mental attitude that determines the effectiveness of the treatment. The attitude includes the cooperation with doctors and the faith in them, particularly keeping the optimistic attitude during the treatment period.

The different medical treatments lead to different effects. The traditional treatment comes from the ancient experiences. In Oriental countries, we often use the acupuncture or herbal medicine that can modify your body conditions and enable you to be stronger. People believe that moderate therapies are not harmful to your health. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, all the diseases are from the weakness of your internal organs. To strengthen your organs is the essential way to keep healthy. Moreover, they believe there is a circulation in human body and is influenced by the changes of four seasons. As a result, these theories and experiences remained and continuously be used for thousand years. (此段有點離題,沒有提到病患心理狀態)

In spite of the number of advantages in traditional treatment, I prefer to trust the scientific data and treatment. Generally speaking, the effectiveness of western medical cure is more obvious. According to the scientific analysis, people can realise what will cause the illness which can be cured by accurate medicine or treatments. In the meantime(其實in the meantime指得是”同時,在這段等待/空缺時間,我們可以去….), the Western medicine can ease your pain and shorten the duration of treatment.

Last but not least, the patients should cooperate with your doctors who can give you the best advises. Take the tablet on time and more rest. The most important point is that keep in a good mood. God help those who help themselves.


結語: 文章開頭開門見山法破題,相當不錯,但後面卻有離題的現象,結語仍未要運用何種心理狀態或感受來面對自己的醫療,本應有高分但可惜了點。加油!

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